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Donna Rizzo, DVM

Cell: (515) 231-4707 (No emergencies please!)
I am going to tell you a little about myself. My name is Donna Rizzo. I own the clinic. I graduated from ISU in 1989, and started as the owning Vet here two weeks later. I love all the kids here, and most of them love me, or at least know I'm here for them. If you have been here, you can ask me anything about your pets, and I will answer. Sometimes people are sorry they asked, but I will not lie.

I worked at the clinic for 6 years throughout school prior to being a doctor. Any of you that recall Dr. Jensen know that I learned a tremendous amount of what I do from him. Some days I feel school was secondary to that education!

I am the current owner of three dogs. A Jack Russell Terrier named Pica, Hobo who spends most of his time sleeping in the office and a new guy Luigi.  I lost my Bella in the fall.  MAN do I miss her... I also do golden retriever rescue.  And they have filled up my house.  Mr Hobo fell in love with me, and vice versa. Luigi is a handful, but he is a lover.  I have one cat that lives at the clinic named Chase. I live on an acreage in Huxley, just south of the clinic.  My dogs visit the clinic daily sometimes they seem to wish they could live here. They live with me at my house.  I only practice small animal medicine. I have also studied chiropractic care of animals.  I only do this on small animals.

As a veterinarian, we're in a profession in which we are always learning. That is honestly why I love it and can never see myself not doing it. Even my car accident couldn't keep me away for very long.


Trudy is our Office Manager and very crucial person for me. I depend on her a lot.  She has two dogs at home Koda and her sons new puppy Apollo, (You can stop and say hi to him in her office,he loves the attention ) and two cats named Mia, and Zoey as well as human children.  She really understands the pet thing, and will take great care of you and your creatures.   She is also a super outdoor helper, so you may see her helping in the outdoor world at the clinic. Trudy really understands the animals and they clearly have a special place in her heart.  Trudy is fortunately here every week day.  You will see how badly I need her when you are here.


Joyce has been here almost as long as me.  And yes, she is my mother.  However, at work I call her Joyce.  She is not as educated with the animals as the other staff, but she will certainly take care of you. You can usually find Joyce behind the front desk assisting clients.  Sadie is her creature.


Kadie started the beginning of May. she is here mostly in the mornings.  she has two creatures, a cat named Callie and a horse.  We do not even try to take care of her big boy, JD.


Liz also started the beginning of July.  She is here mornings and some afternoons. 


Lillie is a migrant from Texas.  we will show her how Iowa works, and get her used to snow.  she was a technician down there. and has not got her animals up here yet. You will see her mornings and afternoons.


Darcie has been her a very long time, she left for a while, but she could not stay away.  She works Monday evenings.  We may see her more often in the future.  She has a creature named Billie. He is  a very mouthy little poodle kind.


You may see several new faces now and then, because we are a very active observer place.  Hopefully we teach them well, and do not show them too many bad habits.  If you see someone you want to meet, just ask we would love to introduce them!

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  • "I have always received the best service there. Most importantly my pets are well taken care of."
    July 16th, 2017
  • "I have gotten great service and I feel that I don’t have to pay a ridiculous amount to get my pets the care they need."
    July 14th, 2017

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