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  • Vacation!!??
    I am leaving town the end of October in to November a ful 14 days.  My kids will be here, but I am not leaving a veterinarian in charge, or Read more
  • Behind again!!
    OK.  Again it has been a while since I have been online to write things.  I really have been working though.  Things continue to go well at the clinic.  We Read more
  • Happy Fourth!!
    I hope you all had a great fourth.  I sure did, Me and my kids grilled out at home with my folks.  Bella and Pica got to go out separately Read more
  • New store
    We have now added a store to our site.  The excitement about this is foods will be delivered directly to your home at no shipping costs,  you can set yourself Read more
  • Hard times
    Well, Bella turned 14 years old, Ditto is 9.5 years, and I had to say goodbye to him.  We had to put him to sleep dt cancer.  He developed a Read more
  • Fall is here
    Well, I got behind again in the website. I am sorry.  My road is now done, so I no longer need to live at the clinic or take 40 min Read more
  • Spring is around the corner.....
    Well, our clocks get changed this weekend.  I think the snow is also supposed to go away.  Hopefully we will have no more show up.  Take care of those kids, Read more
  • Fall is Here!!
    The weather is beautiful.  We have started walking weekly up at Ada Hayden  park north of town.  What a beautiful place.  Me and all the kids I have walked there Read more
  • Get rid of the snow!!!
    Well, we should get rid of this snow today, it has been a challenge, as it always is.  Well, I do not know if I told all of you that Read more
  • Iowa Cold!
    Well, I hope all of you had a great Christmas.  I did! The dogs felt left out to have a day off in the middle of the week.  King went Read more
    OK, We have Orkin, but we are still losing tons of food to little creatures, I cannot afford to keep this happening.  We are going to start carrying only small Read more
  • SNOW!!! UGH...
    Well, it is here, snow and cold.  I have even blocked off my dogs yard so as not to get a lot of snow blowing in .  My little Pica Read more
  • Beautiful October!!
    I hope you all are enjoying this October as much as me and my kids.   They cannot swim anymore in the make, it is too cold, but the weather Read more
  • too cold to swim!!
    Well, I guess winter is on the way.  we went swimming for the last time on Sat.  It was too cold for Pica but Bella and Ditto  had fun.  I Read more
  • ...SUMMER!!!....
    Summer is here. I am so happy.  Lets just hope rain is not too crazy, as well as keep those Tornadoes away.  They are doing road construction on 69, so Read more
  • School is here
    Well, the day is here, all the kids are going back to shool.  Many pets are going to be bumbed because thier friends are not with them all day.  Be Read more

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    July 16th, 2017
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