Heartworm prevention

Every one that has been in recently has been told about all the new products available out there for Heart worm control.  I learned recently that I had not discussed heart worm with a client that had been with me for several years.  PLEASE,  I try so hard to keep all of you informed.  It amazes me at how much is running through my head everyday.  so call this a refresher for most of you.  But if we have never discussed it, I apologize PROFUSELY!!  Heart worm is a parasite that is passed to Dogs, Cats and Ferrets,  even some people have been infected, but they tend to get it in weird areas like their eyes!  The heart worm is passed to animals from the mosquito.  And we all know we have those in Iowa.  It use to be back in the old days when I first graduated, heartworm was not a winter thing dt the weather.  However, now we never know when the weather will allow a mosquito to live, even if it is in our houses.  Dirofilaria immitis is the name of the worm,  the microfillaria are picked up by a mosquito bite, then they develop into a infecting parasite in their gut, and can infect an animal the next time they bite.  Many of us are familiar with the longterm protection products, such as heartguard, but there currently are so many more available.  In fact hearguard still seems to work in Iowa, however they have found in some states there are some of the worms that are resistant to it.  So, when you come in, we may discuss so many products, that you get confused.  I attempt not to confuse people, but I do tend to get kidn of excited about all the great products available, and talk too much :)  We used to be able to carry all the products you needed for the parasites out there, but I just cannot do that anymore.  I am using the help of a distributor that makes the medications available to all my clients at any quantity that works for them.  My online store on this website should list them all.  If they are not there, and you hear of them, call me,  If it is a good product it is likely I can get it there.  I try to stay cost competitive with the other sources.  Some of you may be familiar with several online sale sites,  I do not honor any of these dt many times they order them from over seas, or I have had clients tell me they got outdated product.  I am gong to discuss some of the more common products.  Heartguard--very commmon,(has been around 30+ years (just Like me:) ) still affective in our part of the world for now.  Triheart (dfferent company). Advantage multi heartworm and flea (different company and different antiinfective). Simparico trio- different company, heartworm and flea and tick together, very effective.  Everyone of these products has some special pluses, advantages,  I cannot begin to write them all, research or talk to me.  The most common Cat products are the advantage multi and a new one called Bravecto Plus, it actually prevents heart worms fleas and ticks a full 2 months for Cats only

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